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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tata Studi Live?

Tata Studi Live is a live Tutoring service to bring in a human element to at-home study. This will help students clarify concepts, receive immediate & personalized feedback as they practice with tutors & develop skills to learn independently, complementing the philosophy of independent self-study that was introduced through Tata Studi.

How does Tata Studi Live help my child?

Tata Studi Live is the best after-school learning platform for your child. It will help your child clarify each and every doubt regarding a concept, get detailed analysis, helps child to understand their areas to improve and develop skills to learn independently, complementing the philosophy of independent learning that was introduced through Tata Studi.

Should I enroll my child for Tata Studi Live Classes, if he/she is already attending tuitions after school?

Yes! The Studi Live acts as individualised learning for students. Through our sessions, our tutors will be directly teaching/solving doubts of the students. Also, we have a systematic Tests bundled with tutoring sessions. This all help students learn and prepare for the concepts.

What is different about Tata Studi Live?

Tata Studi Live brings in focussed, interactive and independent learning techniques for your child. From individual attention for your child to full access to Tata Studi to become an Independent learner, all these combined with the convenience of learning comfortably and safely at your fingertips makes Tata Studi Live the best online home tutoring program for your child.

What are the features offered by Tata Studi Live?

Features offered by Studi Live:
- Teaching all the concepts based on the curriculum
- Assignments; Corrections of solutions and giving prescriptive feedback
- Tests at various levels: Objective & Subjective
- Students performance discusssions with students and parents
- Students Classroom behavior to improve students participative skills
- 1-to-1 Doubt clarification sessions for students

Which Boards are covered by Tata Studi Live?

We are covering CBSE as of now. Soon we will get the other boards too such as ICSE, MH Board, TN Board, etc.

What subjects are covered by Tata Studi Live?

We are covering Science and Mathematics. Soon we will start with other subjects too. You will get access to Tata Studi learning application which includes all subjects along with Science and Mathematics for the duration of Studi Live subscription. 

What is duration of the class?

The duration of the class is 1 hour.

Will the courses be aligned to the school curriculum?

Yes, the courses are 100% aligned to the school curriculum.

How can my child clear his/her doubts instantly during the online class?

Students can ask their doubts in the session. Tutors will always encourage students to ask doubts. The main idea of these sessions is to teach and clarify all the doubts of students for Math/Science subjects.

Will the teachers help my child with school homework?

School homework help is not directly linked with the course. But, all the doubts of the childen will be discussed/solved in the sessions.

What will be taught in the live classes?

Teachers will teach the concepts in-depth and effectively based on the curriculum. These are inline with what students learn in their schools.

What will happen if my child misses a live session?

Tata Studi Live provide the facility to view the recorded live lecture post completion of the lecture after a stipulated time.

How can I track my child's progress?

There will be separate Reports section in the platform where student as well as parents can track the performance of the student.

How would I get to know about my child's performance?

There will be Monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings. In these meetings, the performance and student behavior in the classroom will be discussed with the parents.

How many online tests will be conducted? Do they cover all chapters?

Online tests will be conducted at the end of every chapter.

Will my child get access to additional study material apart from what is taught in the class?

Yes! For every session, notes will be provided. These notes act as a revision material. Students will also get free access to Tata Studi learning application to plan your learning schedule and practice.

How many videos can my child watch on the site? Do they cover all chapters in my textbook?

The videos will not be pre-recorded, rather live. But if a student misses any live session, he/she can go through the recording of that live session that can be found on his/her account. Yes, the tutors will be covering all the chapters of the textbook.

Will my child get separate teachers for Grade 10 Science Physics, Chemistry and Biology?

There will be specialised and qualified teachers assigned for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Can my child choose the teacher who they want to learn from?

The teacher will be assigned as per the selected batch & schedule at the time of batch allocation post interaction with Studi Live counselling team.  

Are there any subjective tests in this course?

There will be 3 types of tests:
1. Chapter wise Test - Objective Test
2. Group Chapter wise Test - Subjective Test
3. Term Test - Objective + Subjective Test
Subjective test will be taken by students in a specified time. 

Will my child get any assignments?

Assignments will be assigned to students after every session.

How can my child access the assignments and tests?

The assignments and tests are available under Dashboard which will get activated as per planned sessions.

What does the Tata Studi Live subscription include?

Small group live Interactive online classes, post-class assignments and notes, Test Series and Detailed Analysis of you child based on vaious parameters, 1:1 Doubt solving session and  access to Tata Studi learning application which includes all subjects along with Science and Mathematics for the duration of Studi Live subscription. 

What is a demo class?

Demo class is a free class to experience Tata Studi Live at first glance. This is a great way to understand the Tata Studi Live Art of teaching and Interactive Learning. 

Are the trial classes free?

Demo classes are free. However, we have monthly trial packs at nominal charges.

Where can I find the Plans & Pricing of Tata Studi Live?

Go to Courses --> Choose your Board --> Choose your Grade --> Choose the Subject(s). Plan cards will appear based on your selection.

Would I get refund if I cancel the subscription?

There is no cancellation and refund once the payment is done.

Can my child have access to the classes and resources once the Academic year is over?

All the recordings and resources will be available to the students till the end of Academic year of that particular Grade.

How can I pay for the subscription?

You can pay using Debit card/ Credit card/ UPI/ Net Banking.

How can I attend the live session?

You can attend the class on all devices (Mobile/laptop/desktop or tablet). We highly recommend students to use Laptop/desktop for enriched experience.

Will 2 (two) friends or siblings be able to register through one phone number in Tata Studi Live Platform?

Yes, you will be able to add upto 2 (two) students associated with one phone number.

I am unable to login using my password. Can I change my password?

Yes, user can change the profile password

Whom do I contact if I have questions or facing any issues regarding attending classes, course progress, etc.?

In case you are facing any issues, please use any one of the following 2 ways to reach us :
1. You can directly call us on 7506617777 or message us on WhatsApp (7506617777)
2. You can write to us at support@tatastudi.com