Scientific & proven approach

Our course structure is based on Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) and Science of Learning to build good study habits. We provide highly efficient learning resources that helps students boost up confidence.

Individual Attention

Small-group two-way interactive classes with expert tutors provide an individual attention and focusing on deep conceptual understanding along with instant doubt clarification.

1-to-1 Doubt Clarification

Additional free doubt clarification sessions for individual students to help them at each step where they get stuck during their learning journey.

Full Access to Tata Studi

Students get complete access to our personalized learning application to study in the Right way.

#Plan. #Practice. #Perfect.

Our  Promise

What makes us Unique
  • Individual focus and increased in-class participation

  • In-depth understanding of concepts

  • Instant and personalized clarification of each doubt

  • Chapter-wise tests to make your child exam ready

  • Concrete feedback on child's progress

  • Boosts your child’s confidence

How  It Works

How It Works
Our unique Big Idea concept help students in order to get an overview of a chapter in the form of effective and meaningful videos.
How It Works
In Class
Learn from our certified tutors, Practice in-class and get Summary to revise the concept.
How It Works
Post Class
Study notes, assignments for Retrieval practice and access to Tata Studi application.
How It Works
Unique performance monitoring system along with progress report and Parent-Teacher meetings.

What make us  Unique

  • Small group classes

  • Well planned learning

  • Free access to Tata Studi learning application

  • 1-to-1 free live doubt clarification sessions

  • Unique performance monitoring system

What makes us Unique
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