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Students of Class 5 are at the perfect age to start building a strong foundation and reinforce skills with the knowledge they have acquired throughout their primary school. Thus, it is vital for students to clear Grade 5 with thorough understanding of various concepts and theories. CBSE syllabus for Class 5 includes interesting topics including decimals to angles, chemical structures and reactions, to universe and natural resources. The Central Board of Secondary Education offers children an effective syllabus and a study plan that is part of a holistic educational system. Tata Studi encourages students to become independent learners with the help of study material and worksheets. CBSE Class 5 requires students to have a strong grasp of basic concepts for easy comprehension of complex concepts in subsequent classes.


Tata Studi’s robust platform backed by performance analysis and reports offers personalized guidance to every student. The individual attention will help enhance their learning journey in accordance to the study pattern of their respective schools. It gives kids the much-needed exposure and easy access to information outside the textbooks yet pertaining to Class 5 syllabus. Tata Studi’s material is curated keeping in mind the thoroughness required in CBSE online classes, ensuring attention to every detail. Tata Studi has made it easy to track the progress of students based on their school, wherein the curriculum is mapped with practice tests and modules for a complete planner with solutions. A customized time schedule will help in progressive learning and improving scores, also aiding students in setting targets for themselves. Class 5 requires constant preparation and a need to reinforce past knowledge. While this grade forms the foundation to higher classes, Tata Studi provides students with in-depth study material for an immersive learning experience. Specially designed practice sheets are easily available for students offering further scope for preparation and testing their knowledge.


NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 5

NCERT solutions for Class 5 offer a clear understanding of chapters, topics and sub-topics. It is imperative to explain concepts in detail, without seeming tedious. An efficient way of studying is what the student needs at this level, to cement the knowledge learnt so far, and to easily grasp higher class studies. NCERT solutions in the form of study material, videos and other interactive methods, greatly aid in achieving the goal while retaining the element of fun in studies. The chapter and topic-wise solutions broken down for enhanced comprehension ensure minimal confusion. While these solutions have been explained and constructed by subject experts with detailed answers for all subjects of Class 5 syllabus such as Mathematics, Science, English, children must make it a point to study and revise these in depth.

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus

Social Science

NCERT Solution for Class 5 Science:

With Science being one of the most popular subjects, it is imperative that every definition and concept is clear, for only then any further scientific knowledge will be easy to grasp. The topic-wise NCERT solutions have put forth detailed answers for all chapters including Digestive System, Food, Leaves, Our Universe, Natural Disasters that make sure students understand fundamentals of the body, the surroundings, the geology etc. The meticulously developed NCERT solutions for Class 5 Science has illustrations, diagrams and experiments that are

explained in a simple manner that are exciting to learn. This exhaustive study will effectively aid the process of learning, without compromising on the exciting part of the subject.


NCERT Solution for Class 5 EVS:

Class 5 Environmental Science course entails social and cultural factors in relation to the environment. NCERT solutions for Class 5 syllabus attempts at constructing answers for all the questions from the textbooks approved by the CBSE Board. While EVS aims at elaborating human interaction with the environment, it becomes the need of the hour to thoroughly comprehend these concepts so as to become a responsible citizen and a human being. NCERT solutions for Environmental Science are useful in clearing doubts and analysing the problem-solving capacity of students, with its many questions. The research and compilation of these solutions in a detailed format makes it easily accessible for students, for chapters including Super Senses, From Tasting to Digesting, Walls Tell Stories and more.


NCERT Solution for Class 5 Mathematics:

Mathematics forms the base for majority of the transactions - a life skill one may say. One of the very few subjects that gives you the opportunity to score full marks! However, this is also one of most common subjects disliked and found challenging by many students. The reason for this could be attributed to uninteresting teaching methods or relying on different techniques to solve a problem, thus creating confusion. NCERT solutions for Class 5 Maths explains basic as well as complex concepts with great ease. The chapter-wise solutions for Fractions, Average, Percentage, Simple Interest and Metric Measures will significantly help student score in their examination. NCERT solutions for complex problems have been solved in a step-by-step method, making every step clear to the students. These solutions for have been designed keeping in mind the latest syllabus, with comprehensive answers to questions in the textbooks.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Social Science:

NCERT solutions for Class 5 Social Science makes it easy for students to understand every concept from the syllabus. These NCERT solutions are important for a thorough learning that will help gain an edge in the examination. Studying from these solutions for Social Science will help clear basic concepts for students and make them stronger. Adapting to NCERT solutions will provide children a detailed insight into the questions and theories included in the CBSE syllabus. Chapter-wise solutions for Natural Resources, Monuments of India and Dignity of Labour offer intense explanations aimed at thorough learning.


NCERT Solution for Class 5 Hindi:

Hindi is the soul of our country and every Indian must learn from the best. Tata Studi has gathered all the important chapters are covered in the Hindi syllabus for Class 5. Students in Class 5 should have a thorough understanding of the Hindi syllabus to feel comfortable taking the exam and to appreciate the beauty of the language. The Hindi Class 5 Syllabus is prepared by the Board in accordance with the most recent guidelines.


NCERT Solution for Class 5 English:

English forms the base in a student’s life when it comes to communication and expressing ideas. So to make their lives better, experts from Tata Studi have solved NCERT Solutions for Class Class 5 English to assist students in achieving excellent results in their board exams. We've also included a detailed explanation in the form of illustrative videos for all of the Class 5 English

NCERT Solutions, which will help young students grasp the language and gain a good command of it.