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CBSE Syllabus for Class 4

Class 4 is one of the many crucial stages in a student’s life. The well-designed CBSE syllabus for Class 4 makes it easy for children to learn the basics and fundamentals of all subjects. The syllabus is revised at intervals by the Central Board of Secondary Education in order to stay updated with trends. Known to provide students with an enhanced education system and boost their overall personality, the CBSE board syllabus is a systematic curriculum covering important concepts.

The study material by Tata Studi provides a collection of resources and practice sheets to help students strengthen their ability to learn. With various subjects such as Math, Science, English and EVS. In order to help make concepts strong, Tata Studi covers these subjects in a strategic manner. The study material and question papers are compiled by subject experts based on the latest CBSE syllabus.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4

When it is about some of the tedious subjects, Class 4 NCERT solutions effectively contribute towards a better outcome. Designed according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board, they comprise of the appropriate assessment tools and information, allowing seamless learning. These solutions will help students find the appropriate approach to solving papers. Detailed solutions to questions covering vital points offered in a lucid language boost students’ confidence in solving varied kinds of questions, and helping students grasp every concept with great ease. Presenting scenarios is a major element of NCERT solutions, which enable students to think out of the box, with a deeper understanding. This is done with the help of analogies that the child finds easy to relate to.

CBSE Class 4 Syllabus


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Science :

Subject-wise preparation is aced by NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 4 Science. It deals with how things work around us - Science is of great use, though it will be easy to understand only when the content is articulately presented. Scientific jargons are a part of the subject, however what is more important is the way it is broken down for effective comprehension. The all-inclusive solutions about the atmosphere, human body, flora and fauna, and the environment are elaborately explained for children to understand. Diagrams and illustrations make it easy for students to grasp the content, as images are far more appealing and catchier than text alone.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Environmental Studies:

With EVS being a mandatory subject, NCERT solutions for Class 4 Environmental Science are designed by subject experts that help students gain a deeper understanding into the subject.

While the children are introduced to newer concepts that they will come across in everyday life, the NCERT solutions make it easy to analyse these concepts for an efficient exam preparation. The chapters included in the EVS syllabus - A Day with Nandu, From the Window, A River's Tale, A Busy Month, are stories that will help develop their thinking process and problem-solving capacity. These comprehensive solutions cover every chapter and its exercise from the syllabus, instantly clearing the students’ doubts.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Mathematics:

Mathematics is most often one of the least favorite subjects for most children. This usually has its cause in the lack of understanding of the basics of Maths. With a sound knowledge of the fundamentals, it is easy to comprehend relevant concepts and therefore have a strong foundation. The likes of Fraction, Time, Money and Metric Measures are explained in simple ways with help of relatable examples. NCERT solutions for Class 4 aim at resolving problems with tailored content for students. Explained in a simple yet comprehensive manner, it lists down all steps necessary to arrive at the answer; one that students will enjoy working on. The chapter-wise solutions will help them effectively prepare for the examination through interactive quizzes, games and videos. With a strong foundation of Mathematics skills molded with an easy process of calculation that will stick with them throughout their life, children will find it easy to solve problems without killing the fun.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Social Science:

NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 4 Social Science are designed for students to find the right approach in solving question papers, ensuring a well scored result. The Social Science syllabus comprises History, Geography and Civics pertaining to India. Understanding various concepts of the subject is significant in effective preparation. Knowledge about coastal plains, Indian government, means of communication, trade and industry as well as the planets and universe, adds to the level of general knowledge in the children. Increased confidence is one of the definite take-aways of NCERT solutions as the answers are explained in detail in an easy-to-understand language. These chapter-wise solutions are vital in getting a hang of the examination.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 Hindi:

Our country's soul is Hindi, and every Indian should learn from the best. The syllabus for Class 4 Hindi covers all the important chapters developed by experts in the Hindi language who understand the importance of our Language and how it will impact the lives of our young students. Students in Class 4 should have a thorough understanding of the Hindi syllabus to feel confident while taking the exam and also understand the value of this beautiful language. The Board prepares the Hindi Class 4 Syllabus in accordance with the most recent guidelines.


NCERT Solution for Class 4 English:

When it comes to communication and expressing ideas, English is the foundation of a student's life. We provided all the Class 4 English NCERT Solutions with a detailed explanation in the form of Illustrative videos that will help young students grasp the language of English and get good command of this language.