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In Class 3, your child has a lot to learn, from grammar, multiplications, fractions to mastering the computer. The CBSE syllabus for Class 3 by Tata Studi has a collection of interactive worksheets, study material and curriculum resources to help students reinforce what they have learned and dive into new lessons with excitement.

The Central Board for Secondary Education is known to create curriculum for children of all age groups that help their thinking evolve.

Tata Studi’s library of videos and educational material is designed by teaching professionals for the third-grade level. Focusing on all subjects the student needs to learn, CBSE worksheets for Class 3 will spark their imagination and enthusiasm to learning new concepts.

Be it strengthening your kid’s mathematics skills by introducing more challenging practices such as tables and multiplication or improving their writing skills with multi-syllable words, Tata Studi’s learning activities will build the young learner’s confidence. CBSE online classes for students have made foraying into the world of reading, comprehension, addition and subtraction and knowing things in general interesting for grade 3 students.


CBSE syllabus for Class 3

As you already know, primary education is vital for students to prepare a stronger base for higher education and the CBSE Class 3 syllabus has topics focused on helping for their higher classes. The syllabus is designed in a thoughtful way so that students are introduced to complex topics without decreasing their interest in learning. To help your child get an immersive learning experience, here are the subjects Tata Studi covers, in a well-strategized format.

CBSE Class 3 Syllabus


Class 3 Maths –

Class 3 is a precarious stage of life where your child can fall in love with mathematics if it is taught in a fun way. Tata Studi introduces CBSE grade 3 children to new math concepts which then form the base of complex topics they would learn in higher grades.

For your child to gain a competitive edge among peers, we introduce them to topics such as:

· Rounding numbers

· Number patterns

· Time and money problems

· Odd and even numbers


Class 3 English –

Tata Studi has quizzes covering complex knowledge of nouns, pronouns and verbs along with improving the child’s comprehension skills to help them strengthen the English foundation.

To advance the student’s overall caliber, here are the topics we cover at Tata Studi, allowing them to pave their own way in the language domain.

· Collective and abstract nouns

· Verbs and adjectives

· Countable and uncountable nouns

· Degree of comparison


Class 3 EVS –

Learning EVS in Class 3 requires kids to be introduced to complex concepts such as observation, identification and classification and discovery of facts. Tata Studi CBSE 3rd Class material has detailed answers for students to understand the topic at ease. Along with covering the entire topic, the solutions provide in-depth knowledge to those who want to know more about the topic.


Class 3 Hindi –

The Hindi curriculum for CBSE online classes for Class 3 students entails helping them understand alphabets and the formation of words. Tata Studi’s practice modules designed by experts have question answers in various formats for the students to understand the language better. Equipped with this knowledge, your child will ace the CBSE grading system with flying colors.


Resources covering CBSE Class 3 syllabus

What better than learning the concepts of fractions, using possessive apostrophes, spotting nouns and using coordinates on a map to graph numbers. The best part, you can even introduce your child to digital and technology trends with basic coding. Register for a free account to access our free games and then upgrade to a premium account on Tata Studi to unlock our complete library of resources.